The First Alumni Exhibition At UCL

“You have the power to create YOUR own unique career path”

Dr. Baptiste was chosen by students and staff at UCL to be in the exhibition, initially revealed during 2020. She is one of six alumni in the exhibition.

Dr. Baptiste has worked tirelessly over the years in supporting students and professionals in achieving their career goals. She continues to support others and is passionate about inspiring and engaging with the next generation of leaders and trailblazers.

Mathuri Sasangan, Biomedical sciences student

Attending the DreamSmartTutors workshop on applying to medicine back in Sixth Form was a very useful experience. From tips on writing personal statements to detailed explanations on different routes to pursuing a career in medicine, the content covered in the seminar was very informative. We even had the opportunity to have mock interviews!
I am grateful I had the opportunity to consult with Dr.Baptiste. Despite having first met her years ago, she still supports me to this day and is happy to give advice! She is a great mentor!

Ashwini Prasad, Author and screenwriter

I booked a call with Patrice and she was generous with her time and information to guide me as a new entrepreneur. She guided me to new ideas as we brainstormed potential offerings. Patrice also helped me understand that some promo items I wanted to post should not wait because my items were important to the situation the world is in right now. I recommend Patrice for her coaching skills, her guidance, and for being a wonderful supporter. Thank you, Patrice!

Dr. Lalesia Ngoke, Aspiring healthcare consultant

I met Dr Baptiste at the BMJ Live Careers Fair, where I gained useful careers advice and a different perspective from her presentation. She was open to a follow up conversation, which I found helpful, and she gave further pointers on how to think about career planning, based on what’s important to the individual. If you are looking for careers advice from a friendly Qualified Medical Professional, Dr Baptiste is your go to.

Dream BIG, think SMART, Always INSPIRE.

Dr. P. Baptiste

Create a Career You’ll LOVE

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